Our work

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CiMN focuses on anti-corruption and competition law challenges. This includes topics such as bribery, facilitation payments, gifts, entertainment, fraud, conflict of interest, and competition law. In addition, the network members share experiences of compliance-related activities such as training, policies, third party due diligence, communication, whistleblower hotlines, investigations etc. Related topics such as export control, anti-money laundering and human rights may be discussed in the network as part of a broader discussion of compliance. 

The CiMN is currently working on a range of activities that aim to improve the industry’s anti-corruption efforts, create broadly beneficial solutions and increase knowledge of compliance risks.

One of the first actions by the CiMN was to establish a statement of values for mining supply chains, which has been endorsed by all member companies. It highlights a joint dedication to ethical behavior and the expectation towards mining supply chain members to comply with those values.

Furthermore, CiMN has established an online portal that contains all documents relevant for the network members, including compliance materials divided by topic.

The main focus of the CiMN currently lays on benchmarking surveys in order to gather information about member companies’ compliance activities and compliance risks. The benchmarking exercises will help to directly address the members’ needs and enable other participants to provide more targeted guidance.

Prospective projects of the CiMN also include a supply chain initiative that aims to establish a solution for sharing baseline due diligence information and, possibly, approvals between members. The purpose of the supply chain initiative is to increase the efficiency of due diligence work within companies.

Additionally, the CiMN is considering putting in place a study of corruption risks in the mining industry. Associated therewith, the CiMN is exploring the possibility to set up a procedure allowing members to report incidents involving demands for bribery and facilitation payments anonymously to a central register. These initiatives help the CiMN to guide its activities and resources to the most relevant compliance issues.